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Flavorful shower experience

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A Gift for a special occasion. 
Product List: 

1. Living Jungle Sandalwood Hair & Body Shampoo 100ml 
2. Living Jungle Hair & Body Shampoo 100ml Lavender 100ml
3. Ecoshower Refreshing Shower Gel 100ml Strawberry 100ml
4. Ecoshower Refreshing Shower Gel 100ml British Rose 100ml
5. Ecoshower Refreshing Shower Gel 100ml White Musk 100ml
6. Living Jungle Mouth Wash Cool Mint 100ml
7. Senses Perfume EDT Coco I Miss You 25ml
8. Senses Perfume Hand Gel Love Catch 20ml 

FREE GIFT included: 
9. Wish Card (As per your request) 
10. Ribbon Pack

Shower Gift to your friends and family shower
Total 8 products with FREE gift in a box. 


A High foaming natural shower gel ,Leaves your skin feeling cleaned, hydrated, nourished , Extra moisturizer with vitamin E
And Gently cleanse the skin with long-lasting refreshing fragrances

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