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Camping / Travel / Gift Hamper Living Jungle

Essential for camping. All your needs in one box.

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Living Jungle

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Essential for camping. All your needs in one box.

A Gift during this Raya. 
Product List: 
1. Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer 30ml
2. Cool Mint Mouth Freshener 20ml 
3. Sandalwood Hair & Body Shampoo 100ml 
4. Disinfectant Spray 100ml 
5. Natural Insect Repellent Spray 90ml

FREE GIFT included: 
6. Hand Glove Plastic 100's
7. Steel Folding Scissors
8. Wish Card (As per your request) 
9. Ribbon Pack

Living Jungle Camping Set ( Disinfectant / Wash / Sanitize)
Efficacy & Effectiveness Studies by Dr Meor Mohd Redzuan at UiTMAs a conclusion, the result indicated that the Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer was able to eliminate the presence of microorganisms on hand and bench surface by 99.99% instantly and can last for a few hours post-treatment periods.
• Natural moisturizer with aloe vera
• Dry fast
• Without scent
• No need to rinse
• Suitable for kids and family
• Halal certified
Antibacterial hand soap helps to protect users from the spread of germs, leaving the hands soft and comfortable with refreshing fragrances. Our hand wash products contain no paraben, no formaldehyde, and not tested on animals. They are natural, eco-friendly and halal certified.
• Refreshing fragrances
• Hand soft and comfortable
• Antibacterials
Weight 1kg
Made In Malaysia
Brand Living Jungle

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