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Panasonic nanoe X Generator Air-e / Air Purifier Ceiling Mount

A ceiling-mounted unit that takes up little space and emits nanoe™ X to clean indoor air. 

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Minimize Various Odors

air-e can be placed in any enclosed space where odours are a concern, such as closets and shoe storage areas. nanoe™ can effectively penetrate clothing fibers and minimise a wide variety of odours including body odours, tobacco odours, and pet odours.

Air Purification with nanoe™ X

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) water particle containing many hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ device releases these water particles to effectively inhibit viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens. nanoe™ X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be.

7 Benefits of nanoe™ X

• Inhibit airborne and adhered bacteria, viruses • Inhibit airborne and adhered mould • Inhibit major allergens
• Inhibit pollens • Inhibit hazardous substances known to be found in PM2.5 • Eliminating odours • Moisturized skin, straighter and sleeker hair

Inhibit Virus and Bacteria

nanoe™X of Air-e Ceiling Mount nanoe™X Generator FV-15CSD1 inhibits 99.9% viruses (H1N1 and H5N1) in 2 hours and 99.9% bacteria (E.Coli 0157, MRSA) in 1 hour

Deodorize Environment

nanoe™X of Air-e Ceiling Mount nanoe™X Generator FV-15CSD1 can reduce very strong cigarette smoke odor to hardly noticeable in only an hour.

Hydrate Skin and Hair

The weakly acidic nature of nanoe™X ion is similar to human skin and hair. nanoe™X attaches on sebum and forms membranes on skin and improves the keratin texture. nanoe™X restores moisture of the entire area which brings you well-hydrated skin and smoother hair.

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