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About Us

About Us

A prospects for success halal products E-commerce platform. www.livingjungle.my is where your wellbeing starts. Our vision is to enhance people’s health and wellbeing through nature’s best ingredients with halal status. We uphold the highest standard for our products, making sure every healthcare and beauty product produced is meant for the best of your wellbeing.


Why Living Jungle?

Living Jungle has more than 10 years of health care experience. To develop our own range of premium quality health care and skincare products, Living Jungle products are typically extractions of natural forest plants and locally produced that are organic from nature, ethically made and great for your skin. We are working with the delicate balance and rhythms of nature.


Harnessing the Energy of the Forest

Living Jungle Healthcare was founded based on the belief that both healthcare and skincare should be simple and natural yet powerful.
Established in 2000, the company has been supplying a host of skin care and health care products across Malaysia.


Ours Story

Our story began when our founder, having travelled to all corners of the world looking for potent ingredients that are able to enhance wellbeing, realised that the best ingredients are actually from the very place that she was born – her beautiful homeland called Malaysia, specifically in its rainforests that are over 130 million years old. 

Upon this realisation, she returned home and began her extensive work in identifying and collecting plants and herbs from these ancient forests, carrying out research to ascertain their remarkable health-enhancing properties and developing the best methods to express them and ensure their bioavailability when made into healthcare and skincare products.  


Ours Philosophy

It is known that living in jungle life is much healthier than in rural busy city. Jungle consist of a lot great natural source for ours good health and beauty.


Ours Vision & Mission

Ours mission: To develop, distribute and market innovative high quality value for money halal products to global consumers.

Ours vision: To promote consumers healthy, beauty and well-being halal products through natural best ingredients. 


Ours Objectives

1. To make easy purchase mechanism by establish easy e-commerce online platform to consumers.

2. Free lifetime membership with accumulating purchase upgrade till maximum discount.

3. At Zero cost to enjoy product’s ownership.

4. Great saving for members by earning points upon purchase. More purchase higher accumulation points you get.

5. Making fun with your purchase by offering big discount, promotions and lucky draw for every limited purchased amount.

6. Easy way to make lifetime extra income with affiliate marketing within the e-commerce platform by referring to your friends join us lifetime under your personal link.

7. We are looking at right business partners within local and every country.

8. We participate in charity by contributing 0.5% to 3% of our sales to the needy.